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After many years with bad memories its 2050 now.........

In 2050, A Rebels group named "Revolutional Society Organization" were looking for a dead army camp to settle there, And after a search of 1 month, They found a dead camp in Los Santos clucking bell, They were very happy to see it, Jason told his all members about it, And all of them started to settle there, Jason did the most hard work, Day n night.......After few days, Jason was clearing the camp, He found around 15 dead bodies of dead peoples, They were smelly, Jason called his friends and all of them helped jason to take those dead boddies out, They dropped the dead boodies outside the clucking bell in the dumbster, After that, They started to work on the defence perimeters and then the camp layout, After a hard work of 3 months, The camp is established now by "Revolutional Society Organization" .

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