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Logo designed by SMoto.

An early stage of Sanctuary Camp.


Sanctuary Motto w/ Image.


Thread might be subject to change over time


Sanctuary is a group of multi-national individuals aiming towards the rebuilding of the Government and bringing back justice and morals to the chaotic San Andreas and it's contained cities.

We aim towards a new civilization with a new set of morals and rules, with the guarantee that crimes will start being controlled and their use wouldn't be needed to live anymore, unlike the uncivilized place that right now is San Andreas. Our goal is to unify San Andreas again, by rebuilding the bridges between the cities of San Andreas and inhabiting them, making it a place where people can live again.

For us to achieve our goal, we will do anything needed, because we know that what we do is just. Believe in the Sanctuary and believe in the new world.


Sanctuary was first started by Dean Chamberlain, a relative of Wyatt Chamberlain, who envisioned himself as the "president" of a new, rebuilt San Andreas. He lost much after the collapse of civilization, deciding that the state that Los Santos was in is "unacceptable". He partnered up with longtime friend Sakamoto Saito, who was part of a group of Asian nomads which were constantly in look for a home. When Dean explained his view and goal of a "cleansed, new, inhabitable world", Sakamoto has concluded that this is what the future of San Andreas must look like, thus he teamed up with Dean's efforts.
Dean has spent several years to prepare Sanctuary to become public, and now he believes that he can show his face to the world and try to finally achieve his life-long goal with "Andreas' Sanctuary".


"To guide the astray, to reconstruct the ruins, to protect the innocents and those who seek for protection, to become the law for the outlaws, to heal the hurt, to cure the sick, to preserve the monuments, to spread the stories and teachings of our ancestors."


Sancturia ($A)
Value: 1 : 4 (1 $A = 4 coins)
Sanctuary Currency
Usage in San Andreas: ██████████ 0% (-) Currency is still not developed.


• Always follow the server rules, you will be given a second chance upon a heavy mistake, but never a third.
• Always act mature when you are OOC.
• Always be active on both forums and server, you must report your absence before going inactive.
• Provide your in game account linked to your forums so we know who you are.
• Don't troll.

  • Dean Chamberlain - President of Sanctuary
  • Classified - Secretary of Defense
  • Samuel Wilkinson - Guard Leader
  • Kristofer Holgersen - Guard
  • Huang Dan - Guard
  • Charles Albert - Guard
  • Kristofer Holgersen
  • Kinichi Takashi
  • Maria Ertman
  • Huang Dan
  • Samuel Wilkinson
  • Takeshi Akihiko
  • Charles Albert
  • Jason Hawk - Treason, Rebellion Attempt.
(( Citizenship requests are to be dealt in-game only until we have a proper thread section. ))


Citizen Population Goal

City Construction Goal

Numbers of Stage One city guard

Penal Code Progression

City Supplies Goal

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Penal Code of Sanctuary
• Infractions •

• Verbal Assault •
Fighting each other through insults & words/assaulting others with insults & words in an attempt to provoke them into a fight.
First offense may result in a warning, the second offense will result in a fine of ¢150.

• Intimidation •
Unlawful act of intentionally coercing or frightening someone to do (or to not do) something against his or her will, such as forcing someone to give money by threat of violence.
First offense may result in ¢150, second attempt will result in a fine of ¢250.

• Indecent Exposure •
Public nudity, having no clothes while being in public.
Offense may result in ¢100, exceptions can be made (eg: the offender's clothes were robbed.)

• Displaying an uncensored content in the public •
Showing any sort of uncensored pornography contents or any extremely graphic content to the public.
Pornography contents may result in a fine of ¢150 while extreme graphic contents may result in a fine of ¢250.

• Public Intoxication •
Being in public while under the influence of alcohol and/or drugs.
A fine of ¢200.

• Concealment of identity •
Attempting to hide identity while in public with any sorts of ways, any medical purposes will need to request an approval from the medical division.
A fine of ¢300, you may be searched for illegal items upon the officer's discretion.

• Unlawful Assembly •
A meeting of three or more individuals to commit a crime or carry out a lawful or unlawful purpose in a manner likely to imperil the peace and tranquillity of the neighborhood.
A fine of ¢200.

• Breach of the peace •
Creating loud noise by fighting or challenging to fight, disturbing others by loud and unreasonable noise (including loud music), or using profanity.
A fine of ¢300.
• Misdimeanors •

• Conspiracy •
Planning/plotting to commit unlawful acts.
A fine of ¢500 and/or 30 days (( 30 minutes )) of imprisonment.

• Sexual Battery •
An unwanted form of contact with an intimate part of the body that is made for purposes of sexual arousal, sexual gratification or sexual abuse. Sexual battery may occur whether the victim is clothed or not.
A fine of ¢450 and/or 15-25 days (( 15-25 minutes )) of imprisonment + 5 beatings.

• Sexual Assault •
Any type of sexual contact or behavior that occurs without the explicit consent of the recipient. Falling under the definition of sexual assault are sexual activities as forced sexual intercourse, forcible sodomy, child molestation, incest, fondling, and attempted rape.
A fine of ¢650 and/or 20-30 days (( 20-30 minutes )) of imprisonment + 10 beatings.

• Assault •
Assault is defined as the threat of bodily harm that reasonably causes fear of harm in the victim while battery is the actual physical impact on another person. If the victim has not actually been touched, but only threatened (or someone attempted to touch them), then the crime is assault.
A fine of ¢350 and/or 5 days (( 5 minutes )) of imprisonment.

• Battery •
Battery is the tort of intentionally and voluntarily bringing about an unconsented harmful or offensive contact with a person or to something closely associated with them (e.g. a hat, a purse).
A fine of ¢500 and/or 15 days (( 15 minutes )) of imprisonment.

• Trespassing •
Entering someone's properly without the owner's permission is called trespassing.
A fine of ¢350 and/or 10 days (( 10 minutes )) of imprisonment.

• Burglar •
Entering one's property without the knowledge of the owner and with an intention to commit crime inside the property.
A fine of ¢750 and 15 days (( 15 minutes )) of imprisonment.

• Petty Theft •
Petty theft is a type of theft crime that is based on the low value of the stolen property.
A fine of ¢250 or 5 days (( 5 minutes )) of imprisonment.

• Theft •
Stealing anything that is based on the high value of the stolen property.
A fine of ¢500 and/or 15 days (( 15 minutes )) of imprisonment.

• Vandalism •
An act of destroying/damaging public or private property on purpose.
A fine of ¢750 and 25 days (( 25 minutes )) of imprisonment.

• Arson •
An act of burning public or private property on purpose (eg: houses, businesses, etc.)
A fine of ¢950 and 30 days (( 30 minutes )) of imprisonment, offense may include murder if any individuals are killed in the fire.

• Evasion of paying a Fine •
Refusing to pay any fines issued.
¢250 plus additional 75% of the previous fine issued and/or 10 days (( 10 minutes )) of imprisonment.

• Tax Evasion •
Refusing to pay taxes while living inside the city.
A fine of ¢500 plus all the unpaid taxes, refusing for the second time may result in an imprisonment of 40 days (( 40 minutes )).

• Extortion •
Using fear or violence to gain control of one or more individuals.
A fine of ¢750, 20 beatings and imprisonment of 30 days (( 30 minutes )).

• Aiding and Abetting •
Encouraging someone to perform illegal act or aiding the criminal.
A fine of ¢500 and/or imprisonment of 25 days (( 25 minutes )).

• Carrying an illegal Blade •
Having any form of blades longer than 3 inches to be carried in public.
A fine of ¢650 or imprisonment of 15 days (( 15 minutes )).

• Carrying an unlicensed/illegal Firearms •
Having/owning unlicensed or prohibited firearms within the city of Sanctuary.
A fine of ¢500 and/or imprisonment of 20 days (( 20 minutes )).

• Discharging a Firearm in Public •
Opening fire in public without any intentions of self defense.
A fine of ¢650 and imprisonment of 10 days (( 10 minutes )) + 5 beatings.

• Selling Firearms inside the city without license •
Opening an unlicensed or illegal firearms business while living inside the city of Sanctuary.
A fine of ¢1250 and 35 days (( 35 minutes )) of imprisonment.
• Felonies •

• Armed Robbery •
Forcing other individual to give their belongings by threats of violent with any firearms.
A fine of ¢950 and 25 days (( 25 minutes )) of imprisonment.

• Rape •
Engaging sexual activities without the victim's consent.
40 days (( 40 minutes )) of imprisonment and a fine of ¢1250 plus 20 beatings.

• B Degree Rape on Minors •
Engaging sexual activities towards minorities under the age of 18, but above the age of 14 years old.
40 days (( 40 minutes )) of imprisonment and a fine of ¢1500 with 30 beatings.

•A Degree Rape on Minors •
Engaging sexual activities towards minorities under the age of 15 years old.
40 days (( 40 minutes )) of imprisonment, a fine of ¢2000 plus 40 beatings.

• Sexual Predatory •
Convicting series of Rape and Rape on Minors (both degrees) crimes.
40 days (( 40 minutes )) of imprisonment, a fine of ¢3000 plus 50 beatings OR forced chemical castration.

• Kidnapping •
Abducting an individual against their will.
A fine of ¢1500 and 35 days (( 35 minutes )) of imprisonment.

• Manslaughter •
An unintentional killing of another individual.
Life or death sentence. (( Both may result in CK, Life sentence can resurrect the CK'ed character if they are released. ))

• Murder •
An intentional killing of another individual.
Death sentence.

• Treason •
The offense of acting or the attempt of a coup or betrayal of alliances.
A long period of imprisonment of several years (( Few hours. )) or banishment.

• Terrorism •
Causing major damage towards the Sanctuary through violence which may result in deadly acts.
Death sentence or banishment.

• Espionage •
Unlawful act of attempting to obtain information from governments, companies and individuals without the information holder's consent.
Removal of position if any, 40 days (( 40 minutes )) of imprisonment and a fine of ¢5000 plus 35 beatings.


1. The Sanctuary does not enslave any of their captives.
2. The Sanctuary does not sell or give away their slaves.
3. The Sanctuary will purchase or accept any slaves given to them.

Slaves who are bought by the Sanctuary will have three options when asked by their master:

You can choose FULL FREEDOM, however you will have to follow procedures to become a civilian of the Sanctuary.
You can choose to JOIN the Sanctuary, this will give you instant Sanctuary citizenship, however there are still laws you have to follow.
You can choose to work for the person who bought you, depends on his position you must assist him/her with their profession.

HOWEVER, if these questions are not asked you may not choose any of the options above.

• Guide to slave master •

Before you decide to own a slave, you must first achieve a slave owning license issued by the Sanctuary which costs minimum of 100 coins.

Do not force your slave to do hard duties if they are not capable of it, make sure they have enough energy and rest otherwise you'd be punished for abusing which may result in the freedom/transfered ownership of the slaves, and imprisonment for the one who abused them.

If your slaves are disobeying your orders with no respect towards you whatsoever, you may indeed punish them however you wish but you must not exceed their limit which may result in their death.

What happens if your slave died from your punishment?

If on purpose, you will be sentenced to death.
If not on purpose, you will be imprisoned for a long period of time and a fine of at least 1000 coins.

If you say that you didn't do it on purpose but there was an eyewitness of you brutally murdering your slave, you'd better prepare to suffer twice the time of the pain that your slave had to bear.

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• City guard •

  • Keep the city borders safe when you are assigned to the border duty, prevent any threat from the outside from coming in.
  • When you are assigned to the inside-border duty, enforce the laws to prevent any crime from happening inside the city, you have the authority to detain, imprison, fire on anyone who fired on you.
  • You will be assigned to special tasks such as guarding expedition group.

• Construction worker •

  • Your job is to help to build the city of Sanctuary.

• Immigrant officer •

  • You have the authority to detain anyone who is not listed in the OCA (Official Citizens of Sanctuary) list unless they are a slave owned by one of the licensed OCA.
  • You will have to deal with anyone who is willing to become a citizen of the Sanctuary, which MUST be done outside of the border, however, you will be assisted by several city guards to assure your safety.

• City Maintenance •

  • Your job is to repair any damages done by nature or humanity inside the walls.
  • You will also have to make sure the walls of Sanctuary are in a good condition capable of defending the city, you are to keep them repaired, not cleaned so don't bother making them looking fancy, we ain't got no time for that.

• Medical Department of Sanctuary •

  • We require anyone with medical knowledge to help treat the sick and injured civilians and slaves of the Sanctuary.

• Sanctuary Research Team •

  • Sanctuary Research Team focuses on recruiting individuals with a highly intelligent to perform researches on new medical technology, transportation, etc.
  • We are currently focusing on creating new medical technology as it is strictly required, the other kind of technologies will have to wait.
  • Your current task is to try to discover diseases and produce the cure for it.

• Voluntary Expedition Crew •

  • You will be escorted by City Guards, you will be equipped with light weapons such as small melee weapons and small firearms such as a pistol with any caliber, a Micro SMG, and an SMG.
  • You are responsible for resupplying the city.

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Card System
• Types of punishment cards •
Yellow = Infractions.
Orange = Misdemeanors.
Red = Felonies.
Black = Execution.

Example Format


Card Issued by: _______________________
Name of receiver: ___________________
Receiver occupation: __________________

Attention to Mr/Mrs/Miss _____________,

After viewing your records we have found out that you haven't paid your tax for at least three months by now. I, (Position) ______________ hereby to inform you that you haven't paid your tax for 2 months, if no actions are taken after the card is given you will be charged for tax evasion.

MONTHLY TAX: 100 coins.
PROPERTY TAX: 230 coins.
TOTAL TAX UNPAID: 330 coins.



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Good to see myself back. Still not yet able to play the game, but I'll be active enough in forums to see what's going on. As for you my friend, keep this going! I like the idea and the concept of the group, expect me to be part of it without you knowing me. :P

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