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Posted: Sun Jul 23, 2017 11:29 pm
by Veraklion
R:RP Server Lore

How it all started

In 2023, the United States fell to civil war after a surge of right wing secessionist movements caused a confederacy of states to rebel against the federal government. For a long time the secessionist movement remained stagnant, but it was in 2020 that the US economy collapsed. In 2020, the movement became very popular in the soon to be confederate states, later spreading throughout the West coast. The Neo-Confederate States as they came to be called, later cut all funding to the Federal government. Instead choosing to arm themselves, and prepare to defend themselves against the soon to invade federal government. Shortly after this movement grew to popularity, on 2021, the Union states invaded the Neo-Confederate states. By June 2021, it became apparent to the Confederates that they are likely going to lose. And they did, on 2022. The short lived rebellion was beaten. The Confederate States were in total ruin, industries destroyed, cities, towns, and villages were destroyed. But even with the destruction of those states, the secessionist movement grew even stronger, with guerrilla warfare being carried out. The United States, being already seriously crippled by a weak economy, and a having to pay massive military expenses, finally collapsed on 2023.

The battle for power

In San Andreas, two massive groups tried to take over the shattered remains of San Andreas. One group, The People’s Party, was a Marxist Communist group that swept the most strongly affected parts of San Andreas. Their biggest support was in San Fierro, which was the most devastated from the collapse. San Fierro citizens lived in abject poverty after the war, while citizens of Las Venturas and Los Santos survived a little bit better due to whatever tourism there was, San Fierro had no such luck, its economy depended completely on trade, and without any trade, the people of San Fierro had no money. The second group, the Silver Legion, a self-proclaimed second rising of the original Silver Legion of America. However this time around, the group likes to think of itself as an evolution of the old party, seeing it as the one and only party that can restore order. San Andreans, being mostly distrusting of Communists, sided with the Silver Legion.

Vicious fighting broke out on the streets of San Andreas, Communists and Fascists gunning each other down in mass. Both sides bombed buildings, attacked the houses of their opponents, and had large street fights nearly everyday. Eventually, the Silver Legion gained the most support from San Andreas, taking over Las Venturas, and Los Santos. Due to popular support, the Silver Legion of San Andreas took over the state in an election. Their actions were to dismantle Democracy in the state, giving all power to the party, having massive support from both civilians, and the military, they did it unchallenged.

As a result of the Silver Legion taking over the state, the Communist party, The People’s Party, started bombing government buildings, and seceded from San Andreas, taking all of western San Andreas with them, from Flint County, to San Fierro. As a result, the new Republic of San Andreas as it came to be called, ordered a gas strike on San Fierro. Artillery was deployed in Bone County, and fired poisonous gas canisters, as well as other chemicals into the city, killing thousands. The strike eventually became a bombardment that lasted 14 hours. Whoever didn’t manage to make it out of the city, or get as high up as possible, away from the gas, was killed. By the end, the death toll was estimated to be 30 thousand people dead.

Shortly after, the Republic troops moved in, and took back the territory from the Communists, leading the Communists to flee San Andreas, as anyone that was caught and even so much as accused of being a Communist, was immediately executed. The Republic managed to convince the population that the attacks were done by Communists in order to gain support against the government. As a result, Communists are viciously hated in San Andreas, often an accusation can get someone’s windows broken, or get them killed. The new found support for the Republic, and the elimination of any possible opponent, led to stability and peace. Although peace came at a cost, any opposition was brutally killed, people who spoke out against the state, would disappear, and never be heard from again.

After the purging of opposition, the new Republic of San Andreas, started a program of massive military expansion and conscription. Nearly every military age man and woman was to sign up to be called for service if need be. Any 18 year old after High school graduation, was to be sent into the military for a minimum of one year of service. The military budget nearly quadrupled as not only did the Republic’s economic plans drastically improve economic conditions, but also massive investments by shady foreign interests caused a surplus of money to go around the new state. By the end of 2034, the Republic was rich compared the rest of the old United States. Although conditions are terrible, they were much better than anything in the rest of Old America.

On 2035, the Republic of San Andreas became an Empire compared to other former States and societies of old America. The Republic grew significantly since the collapse of the United States, and became an economic and military superpower compared to the rest of the old United States, expanding rapidly. However, the numerous brutal actions of the Republic caught up to it, and tensions exploded. Small groups of freedom fighters rallied under a common cause to bring Democracy to the Republic. However, they had very little support. Despite the many atrocities committed by the Republic, and active repression of the people, few people were willing to give up the Republic, fearing that it is the only thing that can bring stability and peace to old America once it conquers it all.

As the Republic ruled for years, it eventually became more and more brutal in its tactics to conquer the other American states, and maintain stability within its own borders. Leading to many massacres, including the "Winter Dying" massacre as it came to be called, where the Republic on 2042 ceased any trials, and exterminated any and all perceived enemies. Shootings on the streets of Los Santos were rampant as tanks, foot soldiers, and military helicopters fired upon protesters, rioters, and very often innocent civilians. As a result, many joined the Rebellion, boosting its ranks from approximately 400 members, to 11000 members. The massacre started on November 29th, and by the end of the entire conflict on January 23rd, an estimated 18000 people were injured, and 4500 were killed in the conflict.

Any resistance to the Republic beyond that point within its own borders was non-existent, people went to work in complete silence, people worked in complete silence, and rarely even opened their window drapes. However, these atrocities eventually caught up with the Republic once again, and the other American States banded together, using whatever equipment they had, and flattened the Republic in bombings. Napalm and chemical attacks were especially common and it utterly destroyed the Republic, and whatever economy it had. People starved in mass as most farms were completely destroyed. The troops on the front-lines were completely destroyed due to lack of supplies, and the Republic eventually ceased to be on 2045 when a band of bounty hunters stormed the defenseless Palace during a riot, and killed the leaders of the Republic, bringing an end to the regime.

The aftermath, life as it is today

Now it's 2050, and San Andreas is much like its neighboring states, a nearly lawless land made up of bands of survivors. Making settlements out of what was left of the Republic. While life is significantly less restrictive than it was before, it’s also at the same time, significantly more dangerous. As the people of San Andreas can no longer count on the Republic taking care of criminal elements in society, and with no soldiers, and no police patrolling the streets, raiders roam free, taking from whoever they wish. To survive, many San Andreans today have to kill and steal, few places have the luxury of an orderly life. With the Republic gone, the San Andreans obtained information of the outside world, and to their horror, learned that the rest of the world is in a terrible state as well, as the collapse of the American economy utterly destroyed the world economy, leading to the rise of warlords and conquering states elsewhere. Though at least, the San Andreans can trade with the outside world, still rich in oil and other minerals, life for the average San Andrean is very grim, though there is hope on the horizon for the San Andreans.

Since the collapse, two known settlements have emerged, Rivertown, built around an oil rig west of Los Santos, and Verona, known before as the Verona mall in Los Santos, now turned into a fortress. Both these settlements maintain constant trade, and are even centers of trade for people coming outside of San Andreas. Rivertown providing the oil for export, and Verona serving as a massive trade center. Though these two places are signs of hope for San Andreas, life is still short and brutal for the San Andreans.

*The old Republic in action; picture from 2035